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Have a question?

We have the answer.

            Only a mere 120kms

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar international airport, Nagpur

Resort’s personal favourite is Kolara. Others are Madnapur, Sirkada and      Alizanza

Sit back and relax! We will be more than happy to book it for you

  • No phones are allowed, animals don’t like noise
  • Don’t leave traces of humanity in the jungle. No plastic water bottles,
  • You may not like it but only cameras allowed inside the jungle are chargeable,
  • Only 6 adults and 2 kids below 8 years can enter the jeep at once
  • Don’t scream when you spot an animal. Noise pollution is prohibited.
  • Speech is silver but silence is golden. Keep a refill pack of your luck handy in case you don’t see animals as sighting a tiger is a matter of chance

No pets are not allowed in the resort

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